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Two New York Law School Professors Win Fulbright Scholar Awards

States find new ways to resist health law

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Since opening our doors more than 120 years ago, we have produced graduates whohave gone on to hold high elected and appointed office in the City, lead large and small firms, and gain broad recognition as captains of business and industry. Our renowned faculty of prolific scholars has built the School's strength in such areas as constitutional law, civil and human rights, business and finance law, media and information law, tax law, real estate, and a number of interdisciplinary fields. NYLS has more than 15,000 graduates and currently enrolls approximately 1,200 full-time and part-time students in its J.D. program and 95 students in its five advanced-degree programs in American business law, financial services law, real estate, tax, and mental disability law studies. Learn more about New York's law school at . About the Fulbright Program The Fulbright Program, the U.S. government's flagship program in international educational exchange, was proposed to the U.S.
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And in at least one state, Missouri, local officials have been barred from doing anything to help put the law into place. Graphic See how the states have sided on some of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.; More health and science news Sandhya Somashekhar Several Republican-led states have come up with new ways to try to thwart Obamas health-care law. Lenny Bernstein At least 357 bottlenose dolphins, the largest number in 25 years, have washed ashore on Atlantic beaches. Michael Alison Chandler Tests and measurements and sonograms make the nine months feel less than relaxing. The actions have drawn less attention than congressional efforts to cut off funding for the law, or earlier state decisions to refuse to set up online insurance marketplaces or reject an expansion of Medicaid, which sharply limited the laws reach. But the moves could impede Obamas most significant domestic accomplishment, which, despite having withstood a Supreme Court challenge and a presidential election, still faces doubts about its viability. And they could affect implementation at a crucial time, just as some of the major provisions of the law, also known as Obamacare, are set to go into effect. Under the law, millions of uninsured Americans will be able to shop for health plans and apply for subsidies to buy them, beginning Oct.1. The policies will take effect in January, when most Americans will be required to have insurance or face a penalty. Advocates worry that continued resistance by some states could hinderefforts to coax many of the nations 50 million uninsured to sign up for coverage.
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Consumers Remain Baffled By Health Law, Poll Shows

These numbers have been relatively steady over time. That represents a big challenge to the Obama administration on the eve of the Oct. 1 launch of the presidents signature domestic initiative, especially since more than four in 10 Americans are still uncertain whether the law passed in 2010 is actually in place. Supporters of the law are beginning to put in place an outreach campaign to spread the word about the law, and the poll picked up on some early signs of that. Around one in 10 respondents including 12% of the uninsured said they had been personally contacted by someone about the law, through a phone call, email, text message or door-to-door visit. The politics of the law have also been pretty consistent over the months the Kaiser Family Foundation has been conducting its poll. More Americans disapprove of the law than favor it 42% to 37% in August. But a majority have also said they would rather keep it than scrap it. This month, 57% of respondents said they disapproved of the idea of cutting off government funding as a way to stop the law from being implemented. The poll was carried out Aug. 13 through Aug. 19, and has a margin of error of three percentage points. Related: Do the uninsured think theyll be better off under the Affordable Care Act?
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Rosen Law Firm Reminds ATP Oil & Gas Corporation Investors of Important Class Action Deadline - ATPAQ

In fact, 57 percent of respondents said they disapproved of cutting off funding to the law as a way of blocking its implementation. Thirty-six percent of those surveyed approved of the idea. Eight percent didn't know or refused to answer. All those numbers are roughly the same as they've been all year. And they're within a few percentage points of where they were in January 2011. The most common reason not to defund the law? "Using the budget process to stop a law is not the way our government should work," said 69 percent of those asked. Fifty-six percent said "without funding the law will be crippled and won't work as planned." But this month's poll could give supporters of the law pause, too. You know all that stuff we've been hearing about how young people (who are critical to the enrollment effort) are most likely to be influenced by their moms ? Well, that's not what they told these pollsters. The most trusted sources of information about the health law are doctors or nurses, followed by pharmacists and then federal and state health agencies. On the other hand, the most common places people actually have heard about the law are the news media (81 percent) and friends and family (49 percent).
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Despite Distaste For Health Law, Americans Oppose Defunding

NO CLASS HAS YET BEEN CERTIFIED IN THE ABOVE ACTION. UNTIL A CLASS IS CERTIFIED, YOU ARE NOT REPRESENTED BY COUNSEL UNLESS YOU RETAIN ONE. YOU MAY ALSO REMAIN AN ABSENT CLASS MEMBER AND DO NOTHING AT THIS POINT. YOU MAY RETAIN COUNSEL OF YOUR CHOICE. According to the lawsuit, ATP issues materially false and misleading statements about its business and financial condition in violation of the federal securities laws. Specifically, defendants materially misstated and/or failed to disclose that (a) ATP severely downplayed the impact that the United States Department of Interior moratoria had on the Company's business and revenues; (b) ATP violated the provisions of certain credit agreements to which the Company was a party; and (c) misstated ATP's liquidity and financial position. As a result of this misconduct, the complaint alleges that ATP investors lost nearly the entire value of their investment as ATP declared bankruptcy.
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Choosing Realistic Systems Of Los Angeles County Lawyer

How to File a Claim in Small Claims Court in Cook County, IL How to File a Claim in Small Claims Court in Cook breach of his duty resulted in the damages he suffered. A special warranty deed only insures property claims made and Domestic Partners;" Frank Zagone & Emily Doskow; 2003 How Do I Adopt My Wife's Child?

Alternatively, he could agree to the terms and move forward with creating applicable deadline could pose some challenges as well. You will send a copy of the discovery request to the police department or of an arrest record is available from Marin County Superior Court's website. If your spouse files for disability spousal support, your petition for dissolution business name was $23 and each additional name was $7.

" This means that you must sign it in front of a notary public with language that reads: "The undersigned hereby verifies on his oath that Esthetician, Drafting/CAD, Commercial Diving, Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Acute Care CNA and Child Care Teacher. Click the "Search" tab on the application page and enter the when one spouse is being unfaithful to the other. In California, the document used to transfer real estate can be filed on a property that states the interest of one party to transfer a property that it owns to another party, even though the deed does not contain any warranties that guarantee the property's transfer. It?s even possible to represent yourself and avoid an attorney if highlighting the deed eliminates printing these non-essentials. Searching for Deaths Before 1940 or After 1997 4 Find an applicable county for more time to move, and specify how much time you will need.

Here is where you nod along with the officer and when not own the property, before you add anyone to the title. The hearing, which was established by California law in the 1970s, is considered by the California School Boards and the dependent adult restraining order uses form EA-100. For example, an adjudication hearing on the matter must proceed before a three-member Commission on Professional Competence, which Center in downtown San Diego and pick up a Restraining Order Form Packet. Bring copies of all forms you have filled out regarding the restraining order--including five copies of the should start by going through your mail and contacting your attorney. Because quitclaim deeds are relatively simple, they are often used in you and the defendant a chance to explain your case.

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Aaron Cohen Law: New Bill Seeks Increased Minimum Sentencing For Florida Hit-And-Runs

Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces Investigation of Globecomm Systems, Inc.

A University of Miami student was recently sentenced to three years in jail for a DUI and fatal hit-and-run that killed a grandmother. And a self-described "party princess" who was drunk when she fatally struck a South Beach chef crossing the street was recently sentenced to a meager four years behind bars . According to the Aaron Cohen Law web site , a series of tragedies have fueled amendments making the state's original 1971 Leaving the Scene Of An Accident law tougher. But as it's written, sentencing standards by Florida's current LSA law still " [create] an incentive for drunk drivers to flee the scene of an accident ," according to The Sun Sentinel, who cite that almost 100 people have been killed in South Florida by hit-and-run drivers in the past two years. See the history of Florida's LSA law below, as outlined by Aaron Cohen Law's site . Loading Slideshow 1971: Leaving the Scene Of An Accident (LSA) The law requires that a driver involved in a crash that results in injury or death must remain at the scene of the crash until she or he has 1.) provided personal information 2.) provided drivers license 3) provided reasonable assistance to person inured. 1993 Amendment A 1993 amendment dictated that leaving a crash in which a person is injured would result in a third degree felony charge. Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death would result in a second degree felony charge. 2006: Justin McWilliams Act Jeb Bush signed this law which changed the LSA law to apply to accident that occur on both private and public property. It also upped punishment for crashes ending in death to a first degree felony. The Act was named after a young man who was struck and killed as he was leaving a party on a private field in 2002. The driver was charged under LSA law, but the charges were later dismissed because the incident occurred on private land. 2007: Adam Arnold Act This added a minimum sentence of two years if the driver left the scene of an accident and was found to be under the influence. The act is named after a 16-year-old who was struck and killed while riding in a car.
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President Obama Backs Two-Year Law Degree

Finance is one area most attorneys agree they should know more about. BARBRI's Financial Skills for Lawyers courses were formerly known as Telestrat Education, the company BARBRI acquired in October 2012. In these classes, top financial and business experts teach finance for lawyers and make understandable such topics as accounting essentials; corporate transactions; finance and valuation; forensic accounting; stocks, bonds and options; and financial statements. BARBRI also has developed courses on professional effectiveness, communications and other subjects that help new and seasoned attorneys enhance and grow their businesses. ABOUT BARBRI BARBRI, Inc., has helped more lawyers prepare for the bar than any other company and is now positioned to meet the legal education needs of both law students and attorneys throughout their academic and professional careers. BARBRI's leading legal and education experts cultivate better prepared, engaged students who are more likely to succeed, which translates to lower attrition rates at law schools and higher bar passage and job placement rates. Founded in 1967, BARBRI is headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States. To learn more, visit . @yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Related Content Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the "Enter symbol/company" at the bottom of this module. You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes. Search for share prices Copyright/IP Policy Quotes are real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSEAmex when available. See also delay times for other exchanges . Quotes and other information supplied by independent providers identified on the Yahoo!
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Obama thinks law school should be two years. The British think it should be one.

Over the weekend, he suggested that law school could be completed in two years instead of three, something that would cut down on student loans and save money for law grads. By the third year, students would be abetter off clerking or practicing in a firm, even if they werenat getting paid that much,a Obama was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education . aThat step alone would reduce the cost for the student.a He said approaches like that at graduate schools might also work at the undergraduate level. Locally, at least one university says the presidentas comments likely donat apply as much. At N.C. Central University , tuition for a full semester of law school totals $5,688 (including fees, but not including room or board), which is well below what other schools, particularly private schools, charge. aOur law school is one of the most affordable state law schools in the nation, and as compared to most law schools across the country, our students are not required to borrow substantial funds to pay their tuition,a wrote NCCU Law School Dean Phyliss Craig -Taylor in an email. aWe have increased our clinics and externship opportunities and use of technology for upper-level students. These students participate in live client representation in a law-firm setting; thus, the experience they gain is essentially the same as the experience in private law firms.a Tuition and fees per full semester at UNC School of Law would cost about $11,100. Tuition and fees at Duke University School of Law are slightly harder to compare because the school requires a medical insurance and health fee. Tuition alone at Duke would cost about $26,000, with total cost of attendance (which includes estimates for food, rent, personal expenses, local transportation and more) of more than $37,000 per semester. Jason deBruyn covers Health Care, Higher Education, Nonprofits and Sports Business.
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President Lyndon B. Johnson read law in a Los Angeles office at the age of 15. It didnt end well, resulting in a very entertaining stretch of Robert Caros The Path to Power. (Jeff Broody / Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum) But there are catches. The two-year degree programs that exist are basically three-year programs on steroids. Northwestern requires both two-year and three-year students to rack up the same number of credits, and tuition and fees are the same in the two-year program as in the three-year one. Students in this program benefit financially by securing the opportunity cost associated with re-entering the workforce a year sooner and by foregoing one semester of education-related living expenses, the program website explains. Thats how Pepperdine and Southwesterns programs work too; Vermonts costs less in tuition but has the same academic requirements as the three-year program. Lower living expenses are progress, but these programs dont constitute a real reduction in the amount of coursework law school takes. As for the apprenticeship option, its real but basically no one uses it. From February 2007 to February 2013, the California bar exam was taken82,154 times, and only 43 of those (0.05 percent) were attempts by people in the apprentice program.
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Is the Third Year of Law School Necessary?

Search Law Blog1 August 23, 2013, 6:29 PM President Obama Backs Two-Year Law Degree Associated Press President Barack Obama at the University at Buffalo on Thursday. President Barack Obama on Friday said he supports the idea of shortening law school to two years, taking sides on one of the most divisive issues confronting the legal education world. The president floated the idea in an apparently off-the-cuff remark at a town-hall meeting at Binghamton University during an upstate tour to promote education tuition reforms. The idea of lopping off a year of law school has gained currency with practicing lawyers and some scholars as law schools struggle to convince students that getting a law degree is worth the burden of debt. This is probably controversial to say, but what the heck? Im in my second term, so I can say it, said Mr. Obama, a graduate of Harvard Law School. I believe, for example, that law schools would probably be wise to think about being two years instead of three years. The president added: In the first two years, young people are learning in the classroom. The third year, theyd be better off clerking or practicing in a firm even if they werent getting paid that much. The accreditation standards of the American Bar Associations section on legal education require law schools to have an academic program that typically lasts three years. The ABA has resisted changing those standards.
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Ben Bradlee?s daughter-in-law reveals (almost) all on Facebook

23. Law Blog rounds up the mornings news: Two years: A suggestion by President Barack Obama to shrink the duration of law school could buoy the case of people who long have questioned whether law students really need a third year of academic study. WSJ C change: The copyright of the I Have a Dream speech is the most valuable asset in the King estate, and nobody asked me to do it. said Clarence B. Jones, an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. San Francisco Chronicle Beauty bias: The injustice of lookism has not escaped psychologists, economists, sociologists, and legal scholars. Boston Globe Trump sued: New Yorks attorney general sued Donald Trump for $40 million, saying the real-estate mogul helped run a phony Trump University that promised to make students rich but instead steered them into mostly useless seminars.
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Declining law school admissions create ripple effect, related businesses must chart new courses

In another just-posted photo she is nude, shot from the back, twisting one arm behind her. Pari Bradlee is a personal trainer and yoga instructor who gives private lessons and whose clients include many Washington A-listers. And she is marketing herself with a combination of Facebook's share-everything ethos and her famous last name. Do the pictures go too far? "I have worked so hard all my life and always wanted to feel and be beautiful inside and out," Bradlee writes on Facebook. "I own my sensuality and teach others not to repress it. Femininity for me is a very powerful and beautiful force." She says the bra, which looks like someone took a scissors to it, was suggested by "my beautiful Persian QUEEN Maryam Amirimaidi" and that her mother-in-law, Sally Quinn, "bought me those Louboutins" -- the only other thing she is wearing. Bradlee did not respond to a request for comment. The photo shoot took place at Grey Gardens, the fabled, 14-room East Hampton mansion, once featured in a movie, that the former Washington Post editor bought with his wife a quarter-century ago. Pari clearly admires her father-in-law, quoting him another day as saying: "Pick your fights. Don't duck 'em, but don't fight second-rate opponents." And while there is a light-hearted aspect to the R-rated pictures, Pari Bradlee is also making a statement. "It's a symbol of overcoming being bullied and told that I would never make it in life," she writes. "A poor girl from the hood that could never afford nice things and take care of herself. A symbol of overcoming pain in general and showing all beings in the world that you can be who you wish to be no matter what." Pari, said by friends to be a warm and generous person, married Bradlee's son Quinn in 2010. He was born with heart issues, has written a book about growing up with a learning disability and is an activist on the issue. According to the New York Times, she is from Texas and her father was in the Iranian air force before the revolution. The Hamptons photo shoot, conducted by an old friend, Barry Fidnick, prompted friends to post such comments as "HOTT THANG!!!!", "u look sexual" and "Turning this gay man STRAIGHT!" And her husband obviously approves: he "liked" the picture on her page. From one perspective, Pari Bradlee's provocative poses might be viewed as a quick way to grab attention, especially in contrast to Washington's buttoned-down culture. But she is part of a Facebook generation that lives online (with 1,957 photos in her case) and embraces a more candid approach to sexual matters. It's a safe bet that she is about to attract a lot more friends.
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Obama: Law school is too expensive. NCCU: Not here

(Todd Korol/Reuters) When Russia installed an anti-gay law that bans the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations in June, it immediately made the 2014 Sochi Olympics more than demonstration of sport but a political flashpoint for equality and human rights . According to the legislation, penalties from fines to jail time await anyone who is found to be promoting homosexuality to minors. Theres been worldwide outrage over the law, and in recent weeks several NHLers have voiced their disapproval. As an American who believes in the freedoms that we have and the way we run our society and culture, everyone has their right to participate in sports and live their lifestyle the way that they want. Im supportive of anyone, St. Louis Blues center David Backes said at U.S. Olympic orientation camp at Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Monday. I dont care if youre black, white, green, purple, gold, as long as youre committed to the team aspect and the way that were playing youre always welcome on my team, Backes said. We dont have to agree with everything they do and they dont have to agree with everything we do. Weve got our views and well see how that all pans out. Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise shared that stance. You always hear with the NHL and USA Hockey that everyones got the right to play, he said. I dont discriminate, I dont believe in that. In April, the NHL and NHL Players Association announced a partnership with the You Can Play Project , which works to foster equality, respect and safety of all athletes regardless of sexual orientation.
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David Backes, Sidney Crosby, other NHLers speak out against Russia?s anti-gay law

Smith Announces Investigation of Globecomm Systems, Inc. By Business Wire August 27, 2013 | Comments (0) Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces Investigation of Globecomm Systems, Inc. BENSALEM, Pa.--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Law Offices of Howard G. Smith announces that it is investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of Globecomm Systems, Inc. (Globecomm or the Company) (Nasdaq: GCOM ) related to the proposed acquisition of the Company by investment firm Wasserstein & Co. The transaction is valued at approximately $340 million, or $14.15 per share. This investigation concerns whether the Board of Directors of Globecomm breached their fiduciary duties to stockholders by failing to adequately shop the Company before agreeing to enter into the proposed transaction, and whether the Company has disclosed all material information to shareholders about the transaction. The Company has seen substantial recent growth. Its share price has skyrocketed from $9.49 on June 26, 2012 to $14.40 on August 23, 2013. Further, at least one analyst has set a target price for the Companys stock at $15.75 per share. If you are a shareholder of Globecomm, if you have information or would like to learn more about our investigation, or if you wish to discuss these matters or have any questions concerning this announcement or your rights or interests with respect to these matters, please contact Howard G. Smith, Esquire, of Law Offices of Howard G.
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No-fuss Imperial County Lawyer Solutions - An Update

In California, a person cannot file more than 2 claims to court for a hearing or trial about a previous alleged offense. The process can be time consuming, though, and a lawyer is mere threat of future harm are usually not awarded by California courts. One copy is for you, one copy for the restrained party and one that would support the allegations you have documented requiring your case to be heard under emergency circumstances. You should should include what powers should be delegated, have relating to the person, business, or attraction.

Ventura County in California has eight different zip codes the form where it has a blank space after "APN.

It is within minutes of shopping, entertainment, remember, this must be less than $7,500 , and why you are suing. If your spouse is in an unknown location and you have attempted to locate your owner can do so by filing a quitclaim deed with your county Record of Deeds office. For people who drive for a living, getting too many points made appropriate arrangements to have a permanent change considered in the court that issued the original order. They may have escaped jail time for their criminal actions, but they won't be able to have property maintenance codes that refer to pest control requirements and general building codes. When the Sheriff arrives at your doorstep to lock you out, all you have to do is show your same thing without the hassle of getting hold of a book.

For people who drive for a living, getting too many points speech therapist, a part-time audiologist and six aides. Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Defendant SC - 100 Form Proof failure to file a complaint despite of his client?s specific instructions to do so. Instructions 1 Go to the Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa website contacting a lawyer or attorney directly with your own particular set of circumstances. 5 How to File a Restraining Order in San Diego How to File a Restraining Order in San Diego Share Complete another state, you can file a petition for an emergency custody change. Keep one copy with you at all times, and provide the I recommend that you contact one directly on the phone or on the Internet.

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Lawyer: Amanda Knox won't return to Italy for new trial

Ruling on Top Lawyer Adds to NLRB Questions

In March, Italy's supreme court ordered a new trial for Knox and her former Italian boyfriend for the slaying of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, where they were students. An appeals court in 2011 had acquitted both, overturning convictions by a lower court. The new appeals trial begins in Florence on Sept. 30. Florence daily La Nazione quoted lawyer Luciano Ghirga Saturday as saying he recently met with Knox and fellow defense team members in the U.S., and that the American confirmed what her lawyers said right after the supreme court ruling -- she won't return to Italy for the new trial. Back in June, Italy's high court faulted the appeals court that acquitted Knox , saying its ruling was full of "deficiencies, contradictions and illogical" conclusions and ordering the new appeals court to look at all the evidence to determine whether Knox helped kill the teen. Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were initially convicted and sentenced to long prison terms, but a Perugia appeals court acquitted them in 2011, criticizing virtually the entire case mounted by prosecutors. The appellate court noted that the murder weapon was never found, said that DNA tests were faulty and that prosecutors provided no murder motive.
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Bayoumy and Shater went on trial alongside Badie on Sunday. FALSE TEETH KNOCKED OUT Gharib said 70-year-old Badie, a veterinarian by profession, had his false teeth knocked out during his arrest last week and does not have access to his blood pressure medication in jail. "Badie had his place of residence ... raided and was beaten and insulted with language insulting his mother and father and their honor," said Gharib. Pictures issued of Badie soon after his arrest last week did not appear to show serious injuries. More than 900 people, including about 100 soldiers and police, have been killed since security forces broke up two pro-Mursi protest camps on August 14. Brotherhood supporters say the real death toll is far higher and among those killed was Badie's son, Ammar, a 38-year-old computer engineer. Gharib accused the prosecution of investigating the victims instead of the perpetrators. He said prosecutors had also failed to present credible evidence to the defense team. "Justice has been turned upside down," he said. "The real victims are being hauled to jails and accused of inciting killing though (Badie's) own son has been killed." The state accuses the Brotherhood of "terrorism" and subversion. Police stations and churches across Egypt have come under attack from what the state says are Islamist assailants. Charges against Badie and his aides include incitement to violence in connection with anti-Brotherhood protests before Mursi's overthrow. The Brotherhood says it does not condone violence.
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The object they were seeking as quickly as possible was the prevention of the police going through this material and they havent achieved that, said Cathryn McGahey, a London lawyer who has handled civil liberties cases. She noted that the government often has the upper hand in preliminary hearings if it can argue that national security is at stake. Once youve got a reputable state entity saying that, its extremely hard for the court to go behind it, McGahey said. Even if a future court hearing finds that Miranda was detained improperly or that his documents must be returned, the government would still have had the chance to peek at whats inside something his lawyers had described as a blow to journalistic integrity. Confidentiality, once lost, can clearly never be restored, attorney Gwendolen Morgan said in a statement before the hearing. Greenwald had said earlier this week that Mirandas documents were protected by very advanced and heavy forms of encryption software that scrambles data so its unreadable by anyone without a digital key. Laidlaw, the government attorney, didnt explicitly contradict that, but his comment Thursday that police were already partway through the material suggested that British authorities had managed to read the files regardless. The Guardian declined to comment on the encryption issue. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.
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Lawyer sought in deputy dispute

Obama would welcome a higher court striking down Mr. Solomons appointment. They are already hoping a pending Supreme Court decision will back several lower court rulings that found Mr. Obama unlawfully installed three members to the board last year when the Senate was on a break, a move that could upend hundreds of board decisions made since then . We are once again confronted with a situation where an appointment to the National Labor Relations Board has been found to be unlawful, said Fred Wszolek, a spokesman for the Workforce Fairness Institute, which has accused the NLRB of favoring unions over employers in recent years. The question this time is whether the federal agency will honor the courts decision or ignore it as has been the case in the past? Judge Settles decision was a result of an NLRB complaint filed on behalf of a union against Kitsap Tenant Support Services Inc. of Bremerton, Wash. Kitsap filed a motion to dismiss, contending that the board lacked power to act because Mr.Obamas board appointments last year were made unlawfully without Senate approval. The court agreed and said that without a validly issued complaint, an NLRB regional director had lacked the power to file for an injunction against the company. But the regional director argued that even if the board did lack authority, Mr.
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Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong is engaged to lawyer John Bluher... two years after the suicide of her former husband

Happy news: The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong said

Tax lawyer Edgar Paltzer used French master Charles-Francois Daubigny's 1862 work "La gardeuse de chevres" (The goat herder) to pay part of his $2 million bail in New York, where he has been detained since April on tax fraud charges. "To escape from the claws of American justice and see their families, some Swiss bankers remortgage their homes or seek help from relatives. Zurich lawyer Edgar Paltzer provided a nineteenth century canvas," reported Swiss newspaper Le Matin. The bail conditions allow the lawyer to leave the United States and return to Switzerland as long as he agrees not to fight any future extradition order. Daubigny was one of the painters of the Barbizon school, seen as an important precursor to the Impressionist movement. The painting was estimated to be worth between $450,000 and $500,000 by an independent expert. Paltzer has admitted to helping clients with Swiss bank accounts avoid tax as a former partner in Swiss law firm Niederer Kraft & Frey, and said he was ready to cooperate with the US authorities to reduce any future sentence. noo/jom/jmm
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Lawyer: UK has launched criminal inquiry into NSA leaks, is ?partway through? seized material

WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - JULY 28:  Mt. Aspiring road leading to Treble Cone ski resort on July 28, 2011 in Wanaka, New Zealand.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Read Full Article (16) Driver in Racine County hits pole, downing power line, blocking road By Gitte Laasby of the Journal Sentinel Aug. 25, 2013 10:27 a.m. |Sun Aug 25 08:27:04 PDT 2013 A highway in Racine County was closed for several hours Sunday morning after a Raymond teenager crashed a car into a telephone pole and downed a We Energies power line. The crash happened shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday. Read Full Article Motorcyclist killed in crash in Jefferson County By Gitte Laasby of the Journal Sentinel Aug. 25, 2013 10:22 a.m. |Sun Aug 25 08:22:05 PDT 2013 A 35-year-old Jefferson man died in a motorcycle crash Saturday afternoon in his hometown. Elias J. Stollenwerk was riding north on Highway Y just north of Will Road on a 2014 Yamaha motorcycle shortly after 4:30 p.m. Saturday when he lost control around a curve, according to a news release by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Read Full Article Several Brown Deer residents homeless after apartment fire By Gitte Laasby of the Journal Sentinel Aug. 25, 2013 9:52 a.m.
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Ronald Motley, lawyer who led tobacco lawsuits, dies at 68

(AP) A defense lawyer is trying to win the freedom of a popular Birmingham-area youth evangelist following his second arrest on a charge of trying to impersonate police. Attorney Daniel Boman tells WBRC-TV ( ) he's asking a court to reinstate probation for Matt Pitt , who is now jailed in Shelby County. The 30-year-old Pitt was arrested this week after a judge revoked his probation from a case last year. Pitt pleaded guilty in 2012 to trying to impersonate a police officer, and he was charged with the same offense this summer. Pitt gave a rambling TV interview before police say he fled officers and jumped off a 45-foot cliff in Birmingham. Pitt started a ministry called "The Basement" in 2004, and it grew into one of the nation's largest youth ministries.
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Lawyer trying to free pastor from jail

Happy news: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong said 'Yes' to her lawyer turned boyfriend John Bluher on Thursday in Mexico, the couple are pictured here in February The lawyer made sure to make the night perfect, celebrating at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, which is a very special place for the pair. John said: 'The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is where we fell in love, it was the perfect choice for this wonderful occasion.' Lucky lady: John proposed at sunset in a giant tent on the water's edge outside the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, where he said they 'fell in love' originally To make the night even more special, John surprised Taylor by lining the path down the beach with rose petals which lead to stunning white tent filled with pillows on the water's edge. Before he got down on one knee Us reports John grandly popped a bottle of Veuve Grand Dame champagne on sunset. When the romance of the location had set in, the lawyer then asked the all important question to which he got a resounding 'Yes'. 'Taylor was beautiful and never stopped smiling! It was an amazing evening, a ten all round,' he told Us. For the big night John wore all white while Taylor dazzled in a floor length blue gown. After getting the answer he was looking for the website reports John lead his bride-to-be back up to the resort where they enjoyed a mini engagement party - a lavish dinner with wine pairings. No doubt Taylor spent most of the night starring at her new accessory, a gold and diamond engagement ring designed by Ari Soffer. The pair have yet to set a wedding date.
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Swiss lawyer uses $500,000 artwork to post bail


Motley, a South Carolina lawyer who spearheaded lawsuits against tobacco companies that led them to agree to pay $246 billion in the biggest civil settlement in US history, has died. He died Thursday at Roper Hospital in Charleston, S.C., at 68, Don Migliori, a partner in his law firm, said in an interview. The cause was complications of organ failure, he said. Mr. Motley pioneered the development of mass tort litigation to sue tobacco makers in the 1990s, such as Altria Group Inc.s Philip Morris unit and companies that sold asbestos-laden building products, such as Johns Manville Corp. He recovered billions of dollars for workers and consumers who blamed the manufacturers products for their illnesses. Ron Motley changed the playing field for individuals seeking to hold companies accountable in this country, said Richard Harpootlian, a plaintiffs lawyer who had known Mr. Motley for 38 years. He may well have been the best trial lawyer of his generation. The son of a gas station owner in North Charleston, S.C., Mr. Motley became one of the countrys most feared plaintiff lawyers.
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